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When to Start Building a Sales Team

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Sales Execution

Managing a sales team can be a challenge; the initial days of your business may not be the right time to build a sales team, even if you could use the help. This is because the first thing your business needs to do, before trying to expand, is test the market: figure out how people respond to your product, what it takes to sell it, and whether it needs improvement.

Here are a few questions you need to ask about your business before you determine the right time to build a sales team.

  • Is your product already proving itself in the marketplace?   
  • Are you unable to keep up with the demand?   
  • Do you have enough pipeline opportunity to afford a salesperson?   
Once you have the answers for these questions, we help you build a sales team or re-build your sales team in the following manner:

1. Determine the type of team you need

Do you need inside sales, field sales, or both? How many team members will it take to get to scale? What should their background and experience look like? What sort of processes will they be using, and how will you support them?

2. Develop a repeatable hiring process

Especially in the early days, it is important to hire very carefully since each hire has huge potential to impact a smaller company.

3. Hire the right candidate

We design the Job Description for your sales role, and our hiring partners begin the recruiting process. After multiple rounds of discussion, we put forward the selected candidates for their final selection to you.

4. Develop a compensation plan

When you recruit individuals you also have to pay them; the question however is, how? The more tightly compensation is tied to performance through a commission or bonus system, the more incentive each sales representative has to perform at a high level. You will need to find that sweet spot between minimising your cost and risk, without exposing yourself to the even greater risk of being unable to attract the best talent.

5. Plan to train and motivate the team

Once your team is onboard, you need to keep your team motivated. We build Sales Performance Metrics, Sales Awards, Team Awards, Incentive Plans, etc. to keep the team motivated to work. We also create an extensive Training Program for the new and old sales team members. This can be used in various ways – right from improving the adoption of training tools by awarding points for using them, to motivating higher performance through sales contests, and much more.