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Our consultants come from an impressive range of backgrounds and education. The diversity and cumulative experience of more than four decades, lets us find the best solution for making your business successful.

Sales Training

Sales personnel are the revenue generators of any organisation. If the sales force is not equipped with adequate tools to showcase the company’s products or services, it would drastically affect the revenue-generating capacity of an organisation. Each organisation has specific requirements and they need to train their sales people adequately to ensure they are aligned to the specific needs of the organisation.

At The Sales Element, we deliver sales training programs that produce real behavior change and improve sales results. Our training programs are not single events, but rather part of an overall sales training system designed to create sustainable changes in sales behaviors. Our programs are typically 10-12 weeks in length OR are spread all round the year, and include sales team assessments, in-depth customisation, engaging training and reinforcement. The net result is that our training sticks.

All Our Sales Training Programs Are Customised

Each sales organisation is unique, with its own culture, processes and set of abilities and challenges. That is the predominant reason why off-the-shelf sales training programs are often boring and ineffective. Our training programs are customised for your organisation with personalised case studies, examples and exercises to better address your unique sales challenges and to enhance real world application of skills.

Ongoing Reinforcement System

Research shows that without ongoing reinforcement, participants quickly forget what they’ve learned and revert to their original behaviours. Our sales training programs include post-training reinforcement sessions, job aides, and tools to ensure that newly learned skills develop to become habits.

Engaging Facilitators Provide Coaching

Our highly experienced facilitators utilise a “learning by doing” approach that best supports behavior change. Participants have ample opportunities to practice new skills using realistic role plays and exercises while receiving real-time coaching and feedback.

We cover topics like:
  • Sales and Soft skills training   
  • Key Account Management   
  • Negotiation & Advance Selling skills   
  • Sales Pipeline Generation and Management   
  • Life Skills   
  • Effective Communication  
  • Presentation Skills   
  • Team Work   
  • Change Management   
  • Customer Care Training